Fairy Tales with Fresh Cut Flowers: A Glimpse into Storytelling and Boutique Hotels

Gabriella Monte, Project Manager at Oracle Hospitality, walks us through her career and quick path to success. As a small business owner, and corporate project manager, Gabriella shares stories about her Italian roots, making a name for herself in her community, and her favorite stories while working in boutique hotels.

To learn more about Gabriella’s business, send her an e-mail to gabriellammonte(at)gmail.com or follow her on Instagram @gabriellammonte

Going Up, a new podcast about careers in hotels and travel. In each episode, the podcast features a veteran of the hospitality and travel industry sharing stories and advice for career growth opportunities. Learn more about the podcast, including how to get involved or appear as a guest at https://www.goinguppod.com.

Artwork by Jeffrey Dauphin. Music: https://www.purple-planet.com

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